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Unformatted text preview: Eng 209 /Motai Eng 209 Essay #2: Thesis Statements to Evaluate Test your response first to see what youve learned from Essay #1. Then look at the answers below. 1. I feel that the authors both have very clear arguments but I dont agree with Helen Phillips about violence in the media. Effective? Why/Why not? 2. There are certainly pros and cons to the issue of whether media violence causes violence in children, therefore I dont believe either side is right or wrong; they both have good arguments. I think children gain intellectually from video games, although they may also imitate the violence in them. Further, I believe in censorship. Effective? Why/Why not? 3. In my view, in relation to children and adolescents, there is a clear connection between negative behavior and the viewing of violent movies and interaction with violent video/computer games, in terms of the imitation of violence and de-sensitization to violence. However, I believe that improving negative conditions in society is more effective and de-sensitization to violence....
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SP_10_Essay_2_Thesis_statements - Eng 209 /Motai Eng 209...

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