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Eng 209 Motai EXPLAINING THE QUOTATIONS and PARAPHRASES YOU USE IN YOUR ESSAYS (Paragraph Development) In the P.I.E. paragraph model we have studied, the “P” is your point , the “I” is the information (quotation or information from the article) and the “E” is the explanation of the quotation or information. As you make connections between your points and the readings, each paragraph in your essay becomes a clear, well supported statement of the position you have taken in your essay, expressed in your thesis statement. Be sure that you explain how the quotations and paraphrases you use are related to the point you are making. NOT A VERY EFFECTIVE EXPLANATION: I agree with the editors of the Free Expression Network when they say there should be no censorship because “the best response to hateful speech is still ‘more speech, not enforced silence’ ” (P. 9). People should always be allowed to speak freely, and so the media should also be allowed to
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Unformatted text preview: present what it wants to, violent or not. EFFECTIVE: I agree with the editors of the Free Expression Network, who oppose censorship, when they say “the best response to hateful speech is still ‘more speech, not enforced silence’ ” (P. 9). This means that it is better to let people on all sides of an issue speak freely than to censor the speech of everyone so that no one will ever speak in a way that offends anyone else. Certainly, Americans are guaranteed the right of free speech under the Constitution, but it is more than just a legal right that is important here. If we are really to combat the misunderstandings that can lead to hate in our society we have to be able to hear, read and see the ideas of others. If we have this freedom we can then respond to these ideas. That is the importance of ‘more speech’ and why censorship is not the solution to violence or hate in our society....
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