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Eng 209 Motai In-Class Essay Article What Causes Violence? Aletha Solter, Ph.D. # 1 There is a huge concern about violence in the world today. What causes violence? Why do some children hit or bite? And how do sweet little babies turn into gun-carrying gang members, murderers, and terrorists? #2 There are two basic conditions that produce violent tendencies in human beings. One condition is that the person has been hurt . A child who is spanked, hit, beaten, or threatened with violence will have a tendency to become violent himself. Sexual abuse and emotional neglect are also hurts that can lead to violent tendencies. The accumulation of minor hurts (stress) can lead to violent behavior as well. The anxieties, disappointments, and frustrations of childhood can build up and cause a child to hit or bite. #3 The second basic condition is less well understood. The person has not been allowed to release the emotions resulting from the hurts . He has unresolved and unexpressed feelings about
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SP_10_In-class_essay_article_What_Causes_Violence - Eng 209...

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