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Eng 209 Motai Summaries in Essay #2: Media Violence When a writer of an expository essay uses reference sources (articles, books, etc.) to support his or her ideas, it is assumed that the reader has not read the materials. Therefore, the writer needs to summarize the main idea/s of the sources for the reader. When you are using one or two articles it is preferable to include a complete summary of the author’s main ideas and supporting points. However, when you are using three or more articles it is best to include only a brief (two to three sentence) statement of the articles’ main ideas. In Essay #2: Media Violence, you will include these summaries in the Introduction. Notes on the Introduction: Keep your opening comment on the general topic brief—1-2 sentences.
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Unformatted text preview: • Be sure that for each article (you are required to use 3) you include the title and the author’s first and last name. • Include only the main ideas of the article (omit the supporting points). Example of how to integrate the summaries into your Introduction: Opening sentences (generalized statement about the topic)………………………………. The effects of exposure to media and particularly to media violence, and also the censorship of media, are controversial topics; experts have differing opinions about them. Author A, in [ title of article ], asserts that…On the other hand, author B, in [ title of article ], stresses that…Finally, regarding censorship, author C, [ title of article ], argues that…...
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