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Eng 209 Motai NAME_________________________ PORTFOLIO COVER SHEET/Essay #3 ►Please arrange the material in your portfolio in the order of the list below Place this list at the front of your portfolio. CHECK OFF the material you have included: GENERAL: __Name is on all materials __Final Essay has a title and is clearly marked “Final Essay” __Pages are numbered IN PORTFOLIO: __Cover Letter __Final Essay ( Label this clearly ) __2 nd draft with proofreading corrections __1Summary __1 Reflection paper __Turnitin Report __2 Reading Review Sheets
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Unformatted text preview: __1 st Draft __If you met with an LAC or other tutor, include the draft you worked on with the tutor. → You are required to answer/sign the following: ← Besides the conference with the teacher and conferences with the Eng 209 TAs, what other assistance did you receive on Essay #2? CHECK ONE OF THE BOXES. □ No other assistance □ Learning Assistance Center tutor □ E.O.P. tutor □ English Tutoring Center tutor □ Private tutor (relative, friend, paid tutor) Signature____________________________...
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