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Eng 209 Motai NAME_________________________Class #_____ PORTFOLIO COVER SHEET Essay #1 Please arrange the material in your portfolio in the order of the list below. Place this list at the front of your portfolio. CHECK OFF the material you have included: GENERAL: __Name and class # are on all materials __Final Essay has a title and is clearly marked “Final Essay” __Pages of final essay are numbered IN PORTFOLIO in this order: __Cover Letter (on iLearn) __Turnitin Originality Report (1 page-sample in Reader, p. 63) __Final Essay (typed, with no hand-written corrections) __Copies of the advertisements you wrote about (in color) __2 nd Draft (reflecting changes from Draft 1) __Proofreading Draft: Proofreading can be done on your second draft. Subjects and verbs should be identified (subjects underlined, verbs circled). Other errors should be double-underlined and corrections written above them in colored ink . To receive credit, a proofreading draft
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Unformatted text preview: must show a clear attempt at locating and correcting errors. Students are accountable for all grammar forms covered in Eng 208 or a similar basic grammar course. __1 st draft __2 Peer Evaluation Sheets (the sheets you received from your peer readers) __1 Reading Review Sheet (Reading #2) __1 Summary (Reading #2; original and revision(revision not required) __1 Reflection Writing (Reading #2) __Group Project: Presentation slides (1-2 pages max) __If you met with an LAC or other tutor, include the draft you worked on with the tutor You are required to answer/sign the following: Besides a conference with the teacher if you had one, what other assistance did you receive on Essay #1? No other assistance Learning Assistance Center tutor E.O.P. tutor English Tutoring Center tutor Private tutor (relative, friend, paid tutor) Signature____________________________...
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