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Extra credit – 5 points Due May 1 st Spring 2009 The following are excerpts from University Executive Directive #04-33: Smoke-Free Campus: I. Policy Statement It is the policy of San Francisco State University to provide a smoke free environment for its students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and the general public attending campus events. III. Provisions: Effective August 23, 2004, The University shall be a smoke-free campus. Smoking is prohibited on University owned or leased property, except for officially posted designated smoking areas. The sale of tobacco products on campus is prohibited. Appropriate signs shall be posted at all entrances to campus grounds. Smoking shall be prohibited at all times in any University owned vehicle. IV. Designated Smoking Areas: Facilities and Service Enterprises is responsible for identifying designated smoking areas.
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Unformatted text preview: The success of this policy will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and nonsmokers. For the extra credit: You will turn in via Turnitin on iLearn a short report based on the following: a) Locate and visit all the designated smoking areas on campus and make observations. In your report, describe your observations for all of the designated smoking areas. b) Locate four areas on campus where you see frequent violation of the university directive - i.e. areas where people smoke but are not designated smoking areas - and observe. Write about these four sites you identified and your observations. c) Write your reactions to what you see and two suggestions to help make the directive more successful....
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