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Spring 2009 Writing Assignment 2 10 points Due by Friday, April 24 th via Turnitin – see iLearn site for the exact time. Read chapter 14a in Goodenough’s Human Biology (1 st or 2 nd edition), and the Tobacco fact sheets. In approximately a page to a page and a half, please respond to the following Health Insurance Initiative entitled “A Modest Proposal.” Be sure to include all of the following four points: 1) Briefly argue both the merits of and 2) Weaknesses of this proposal. 3) Take a position on the proposal and give support (included any data or information you may happen to know – it is not necessary to do outside research ) for why you take that position. 4) Also, regardless of your position, state whether or not you think this proposal will be an effective deterrent and why you reached that conclusion. A Modest Proposal Given that: the health effects of tobacco use have been reported for over 40 years (US Surgeon General Report Smoking and Health ) , the cost of the health effects due to tobacco use in the U.S. is over $150 billion
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Second_writing_assignment[1] - Spring 2009 Writing...

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