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Study Guide for Exam 2 Spring 2009, Biology 100 Read chapters chpts 12, 3, and relevant first sections of 21 (up to genetic engineering). Know how the following list of terms are related as part of a process, the distinction between related terms (e.g. tRNA vs charged tRNA). Know where they are found in the cell (e.g. lysosome or plasma membrane) or on what structure they are found (e.g. ribosome or ER). Be able to explain to someone how a gene is transcribed, how it is translated, and how it can be trafficked to different parts of the cell. Know the features and functions of the cell components. Construct a visual picture or a narrative of the ideas behind the terms. Be able to answer the concepts and questions using the below terms – as always, make sure your answers are as complete and as precise as possible Transcription Nucleus mRNA Nuclear Pore Complex Translation Ribosomes Small subunit Large subunit A site P site mRNA Codon tRNA Anticodon Charged tRNA Uncharged tRNA Charging enzymes Release factor Protein targeting Cytoplasmic proteins
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stdy_gd_2.2_Sp09[1] - S tu d y G u id e fo r E x a m 2 S p...

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