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Ingmire Study Guide 3 Sp09.doc Study Guide for exam 3 Spring 2009 Biology 100 Readings: Chpts 18, 19, 21a Also, review study guides from the previous exams. Sperm cell Egg cell Fertilization Zygote Morula Blastocyst Trophoblast o placenta Implantation into uterine wall Inner cell mass o embryo Totipotent stem cell Genetic potential Ectoderm Mesoderm Endoderm Pluripotent stem cell Unipotent stem cell Undifferentiated cells Differentiated cells Specialization Chromosome (Cx) Telomeres Centromere 1000s of genes per Cx Cell cycle Checkpoints (3*) INTERPHASE G1 (*) S Duplicated Cx = Sister chromatids G2 (*) MITOSIS Prophase Kinetochore Spindle Kinetochore microtubules Metaphase (*) Anaphase Telophase CYTOKINESIS Actin microfilaments Details of S phase DNA replication Ori sites DNA polymerase – uses DNA nucleotides to base pair match with template strand Template strands used for synthesizing new strands Mutation 3 effects of mutation Cancer cells Cell cycle control genes (CCCG) Transformed cells Undifferentiated cells Angiogenesis factors Behavior in vitro Density dependent contact Inhibition (DDCI) Mortal vs immortal cells Behavior in vivo Dysplasia Adenoma Benign tumor Carcinoma Malignant tumor Metastasis Primary tumor Secondary tumor Treatment Surgery - targeted Chemotherapy – systemic Radiation – targeted Chromosome translocation Philadelphia chromosome Proto-oncogene oncogene Tumor suppressor active inactive p53 –
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Study_Guide_3_Sp09[1] - S tu d y G u id e fo r e x a m 3 S...

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