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Ingmire 3/1/09 Bio 100 Writing assignment – 15 points There are three parts to this assignment. FIRST , in your own words, describe the process to three other people of how a transmembrane protein receptor is synthesized and transported to the plasma membrane. Begin your story in the nucleus describing how the gene for the transmembrane protein is transcribed. The gene codes for a receptor protein. Go through all the steps involved in synthesizing and delivering this a receptor protein. Your story will conclude with the insertion of the protein into the plasma membrane . Choose people who are NOT biologists or in the class. Your description of the process should be done so well that they completely understand it (and think you are a genius). Use class notes, the book, your understanding, etc… to describe this process to them. Help them understand how often this occurs and how essential it is. Don’t use too much undefined jargon – if you use a term someone doesn’t understand, be prepared to define it in a way that they do understand. I recommend using analogies to help define jargon.
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