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Study Guide for Exam 1 Spring 2009, Biology 100 Understand the following list of terms but do not simply try to memorize them. Understand what the terms describe, be able to build the connections between them, and construct visual images based on them. Use these terms and examples to build an understanding of concepts and principles. Read chapters 1, 2, the reading about protein structure on iLearn, and the readings on ERES. ulcers inflammation bacteria (H. pylori) stomach cancer rates GERD Esophageal cancer rates scientific method observation hypothesis experimentation atom nucleus proton neutron electron cloud electron atomic mass atomic charge ion isotope electonegativity molecule bonds ionic bond nonpolar covalent bond polar covalent bond partial charge # bonds: H, O, N, C water hydrogen bond hydrophobic hydrophilic metabolism anabolism catabolism monomer polymer organic molecules carbohydrates monosaccharides disaccharides lactose intolerance enzymes polysaccharide cellulose starch (amylose) glycogen amino acids amine acids R-groups – the 3 types of peptide bond polypeptide primary structure gene directed secondary structure tertiary structure R-group directed quaternary structure proteins polypeptide subunits enzymes active site hemoglobin prions lipid fatty acid saturated fatty acid unsaturated fatty acid triglyceride glycerol phospholipids monolayers and bilayers in water cholesterol HDL LDL trans-fatty acids What was the initial hypothesis that suggested ulcers were an effect of diet, stress, and/or alcohol overuse? What was the observed data gathered during treatments that suggested something else
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Stdy_gd_ex1 - Study Guide for Exam 1 Spring 2009, Biology...

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