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POE_study_Guide_Su09[1] - allele frequencies Hardy-Weinberg...

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Principles of Ecology Test 1 Study Guide Body Size-surface to volume ratio; metabolic rate (standard and specific); who has greater control over environmental variability and why; Behavior-proximate and ultimate causes; cost-benefit of behaviors; innate versus learned behaviors; imprinting; the “Game”; 3 possible responses to environmental variability; Growth rates; geometric vs exponential; logistic growth; r & K selection; Genes; alleles; homozygous; heterozygous; dominant; recessive; genotype and
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Unformatted text preview: allele frequencies; Hardy-Weinberg Theorem; assumptions of HW; Conservation genetics; Genetic Bottleneck interactions (+&-); Lotka-Volterra Competition; interaction coefficients; results of competition; keystone predator; succession Ecosystem energy flow; nutrient cycling; laws of thermodynamics; energy from the sun; PSN; control and limits to primary production; Nutrient Availability; Ecological efficiency; concerns about climate change; linkage between---physics, chemistry, biology Ecosystem Services...
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