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More Time Spent Social Networking than on Email by Mark Hachman 03.10.09 Perhaps not surprisingly, blogs and social networking are consuming more online time than checking and writing personal email, market research firm Nielsen Online reported Monday. One in every 11 minutes online globally is accounted for by social network and blogging sites, the group found, or 45 billion minutes in total. That works out to a bit more than a combined 85,500 years spent on blogs and social networking sites in Dec. 2008 alone. Of all the countries tracked by the survey, Switzerland, German and the United Kingdom showed the greatest increase in time spent on social networking sites from Dec. 2007 until Dec. 2008. The attention required by social networking sites may come as no surprise to anyone who has obsessively checked and updated their Facebook page -- an average of three hours and ten minutes per month, Nielsen found. Nielsen breaks out online activities into just five categories: search, portals,
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