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380_vocab_list_2[1] - j ± M for all z in D& Be able to...

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Math380 Vocabulary/Theorem List for Quiz As mentioned in class Wednesday, the next pop quiz will be Friday, April 9. Be prepared to state de°nitions and theorems: ° Be able to state the de°nitions of: ° polygonally connected set ° simply connected set ° domain ° bounded set ° harmonic function ° entire function ° bounded function (a function f is bounded on D if there is a number M such that j f (
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Unformatted text preview: ) j ± M for all z in D: ). & Be able to give precise statements of the following theorems: & The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus for contour integrals (Thm 4.3.6). & The Deformation Invariance Theorem (Thm 4.4.8). & Cauchy±s Integral Formula (Thm 4.5.14). & Cauchy±s Integral Formula for Derivatives (Thm 4.5.19). & Liouville±s Theorem. 1...
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