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Grading: There will be about five problem sets accounting for 60% of the grade. A midterm exam and a comprehensive final will determine the remaining 40%. Math 400 - Numerical Analysis Office: SCI 231 Phone: 338-2251 Hours: TTH 11:15 –12:00, or by appointment Instructor: David Sklar [email protected] Prerequisites: Math 228 and Math 325 (The real prerequisite is a solid working knowledge of calculus and basic linear algebra.) Textbook: There is no official textbook for this course. A useful modern text is: Numerical Analysis , by Richard L. Burden and Douglas J. Faires, 7 th Edition, Brooks/Cole Some other books of interest are: Numerical Methods That (Usually) Work , by Forman S. Acton, The Mathematical Association of America Introduction to Numerical Analysis , by F. B. Hildebrand, 2 nd Edition, McGraw-Hill (or Dover) A First Course in Statistical Programming with R , by W. J. Braun and D. Murdoch, Cambridge University Press Course Objectives: Numerical methods, and numerical analysis have been studied for centuries.
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syllabus_math_400[1] - Math 400 - Numerical Analysis...

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