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Chapter 4post test - Chapter4:PostTest 23:05 1. Which is...

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Chapter 4: Post-Test 23:05 1. Which is NOT an example of learning according to the definition in the text? a. Cameron notices that a thunder clap always seems to follow a bolt of lightning b. Mitchell now completes homework assignments the same night he receives them because otherwise he tends to forget about them. c. One-year-old baby Jesse could not walk two months ago but now he can. d. Sally will not touch a hot stove because she burned herself one time by doing so. 2. In Pavlov’s studies, the salvation of dogs in response to food in their mouths is the a. Unconditioned stimulus. b. Involuntary response. c. Stimulus. d. Conditioned response 3. The response that is given to the conditioned stimulus is not usually quite as strong as the original unconditioned response, but is essentially the same response. a. True b. False 4. The conditioned stimulus must be presented with the unconditioned stimulus no more than twice in order to result in successful conditioning. a. True b. False 5. A weak conditioned response occurred in Pavlov’s dogs in response to the bell, even after a lengthy period when the stimulus was not applied. This is a demonstration of a. Higher-order conditioning b. Extinction c. Spontaneous recovery
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d. Reflex 6. The first behaviorist in the field of psychology was a. B.F. Skinner b. Edward Thorndike c. John Watson d. Albert Bandura 7. _______ is the classical conditioning of a reflex response or emotion by watching the reaction of another
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Chapter 4post test - Chapter4:PostTest 23:05 1. Which is...

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