4 - PSYCHClassNotes2/4 15:51 Howdowelearn?

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PSYCH Class Notes 2/4 15:51 How do we learn? We learn by association.  Our minds naturally connect events that occur in  sequence Learning Relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience 1. Classical or Pavlovian conditioning think of a smoke alarm so that if you learn through association, that the smell/ sight of smoke leads to alarm going off 2. Operant conditioning think of kids o the classrooms have a good understanding of the principles of operation  conditioning, praise, reinforcements kids behaviors 3. Observational learning like modeling Classical Conditioning Heavily influenced by Ivan Pavlov Russian psychologist Discovered classical conditioning EXAMPLE Youtube-Classical Conditioning – Ivan Pavlov FIGURE Dog is presented with the bowl containing meat A tube carries the saliva from the 
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Elements of Classical Conditioning Classical Conceps
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4 - PSYCHClassNotes2/4 15:51 Howdowelearn?

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