psych memory class notes

psych memory class notes - because it has been out of use...

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16:20 Memory System that senses, organizes, alters, stores, and retrieves information Names the 7 dwarfs -dopey -sneezy -sleepy -doc -bashful -happy What is Memory? Encoding Converting stimuli into memorable brain codes o Ex: keyboard Storage Holding on to encoded information o Ex: storage Retrieval Pulling information from storage o Ex. Retrieval It’s a sequential process
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Information Processing Model of Memory Most well known model Three Stages of Memory? Sensor Memory is Brief o Ex: passing a restaurant in a car real breafy Working Memory is Active o Ex: This is where you encode the stimulus work with it and if it is done  properly it will be there for you later to retrieve. Long-Term Memory is Relatively Permanent o Ex: If you store the short term memory and encode it properly it will be  there for you to retrieve out of long term memory o Relatively permanent o If you learn something once and then have problems remembering it, its 
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Unformatted text preview: because it has been out of use for so long that it is very difficult for you to retrieve Due to interference Sensory Memory • Brief • Really brief traces of information that pass through our nervous system • Only holds information for a very short amount of time • Something we see o Iconic Memory • Something I hear o Echoic Memory • Example: Sensory Memory is Brief • Hypothesis Information • • Look up this on elc Masking Short-Term Memory • Encoding o Visual/auditory • Capacity – “magical” number 7 o Is about 7 items [you can expand number 7 through a method called chunking (grouping like items together)] expanding memory by chunking all of items • dairy • paper • vegetables • Duration o 12-30 seconds maintenance rehearsal The Stroop Test • One test that highlghts the dual encoding...
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psych memory class notes - because it has been out of use...

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