Psychology April 7

Psychology April 7 - 15:26 Personality ,feelandbehave...

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15:26 Personality Unique and stable ways people think, feel and behave Answer the question, “I am _______”. –How did you become this way? Four main Perspectives 1.Psychodynamic 2.Behavioral 3.Humanistic 4.Trait Psychodynamic Perspective Freud developed the first comprehensive theory of personality unconscious forces, such as wishes and motives, influence behavior Developed the first comprehensive theory of personality. The Unconscious Mind “Your mind is like an iceberg where most of the activities of your mind are  hidden from conscious awareness.”                                            -Freud Psychoanalysis The process of “free association” Freudian slips o “Everything that you said had meaning” Diversions of the Personality ID-opereates on the pleasure principle, demanding immediate gratification
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Ego-funcions as the “executive” and mediates the demands of the id and 
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Psychology April 7 - 15:26 Personality ,feelandbehave...

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