21 - W hat is structuralism? -Wilhelm Wundt -First...

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What is structuralism? -Wilhelm Wundt -First psychology lab in Germany (1879) -“Mind consists of basic elements analyzed via objective introspection Objective introspection: the process by which you would analyze the elements of the mind (how do you know what someone is thinking/experiencing? You ask the individual to introspect…. How do you feel when you listen to this music?) Activity: Looked at Jullian Beever’s pavement drawings (Example of how and why we would reject introspection when observing human behavior) Structuralism: -The focus on structure or basic elements of the mind -Edward Titchener: brought structuralism to America; in order to study structure in the mind you need to reduce it -Structuralism died out in the early 1900s What is functionalism? -William James-early critic of structuralism so he proposed functionalism so he discussed why crying would have a purpose and the human of perception of crying may symbolize needing help -functionalism: Focus on adaptation, living working, playing-functioning in
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21 - W hat is structuralism? -Wilhelm Wundt -First...

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