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Chapter 1 - Politics and Society

Chapter 1 - Politics and Society - W hat Americans Think...

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What Americans Think about Government -Americans turned to government assistance in past in times of need -Government businesses: home mortgages, farm mortgages, credit, and relief of personal distress -Today the government: oversees nation economy; nations largest employer; provides citizens with a host of services; controls military establishment; regulates social and commercial activities which Americans engage. - Trust in Government -African American and Latinos express more confidence in US federal government that whites. (Half of their population expresses the confidence) -Bush misleads American public about Iraq -Financial bailout of 2008-plan proposed by Hang Paulson -Does it matter if public trust government? YES - Political Efficacy -Belief that citizens can affect what government does; they can take action to make sure government listens to them -Public disagrees Citizenship: knowledge and Participation -Achieving an increased sense of political efficacy: -1 st : knowledge-in order to be informed and able o act you must want to know more -Speaker of House: Nancy Pelosi -Senate- Harry Reid -Membership? - Greeks: “membership in ones community” -Involvement in public discussion, debate, and activity designed to improve the welfare of ones community - Our : enlightened political engagement: To be politically engaged in a meaningful way, citizens require resources, especially political knowledge and information - Necessity of Political Knowledge - Knowledgeable citizens are more attentive to and more engaged in politics because they understand how and why politics are relevant to their lives -Effective participation requires knowledge
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Government --Describes the formal institutions through which a land and its people are ruled -to govern is to rule Is Government Needed? -“The best government was one that “governed least””
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Chapter 1 - Politics and Society - W hat Americans Think...

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