C&LH 4-2 - Chapter 7 3/29 Schedules of X (X =...

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Chapter 7 3/29 Schedules of X (X = reinforcement, or S*) 1. Simple Schedules : CAN HAVE ONE SCHEDULE ON ONE BAR,. .. FR VR FI VI 2. Complex (compound) Schedules : 0R 2 SIMPLE SCHEDULES LINKED IN SUCCESSION ON A SINGLE BAR,. .. a. all complex schedules consist of 2 links, each with a simple schedule. b. 2 links = 1 cycle' when cucle is complete, the first link of the next cycle begins--like a continuous-loop videotape. c. distinguished by (1) whether X occurs at the end of each link (multiple, mixed) or only after both links have been completed (chain, tandem), and (2) whether each link is signaled by an external cue (multiple, chain) or not (tandem, mixed). CUE OR S D / LINK NO CUE X/ LINK Multiple Mixed X/CYCLE Chain Tandem NOTE: X at end at end of a link is a cue for beginning next link S D signaling second link is a secondary reinforcer for completing first link 3. Rate or response densitiy schedules : (need 2 Rs b/c must look at time between them DRH—d ifferential X of h igh response rates DRL—d ifferential X of l ow response rates DRL and DRH schedules of reinforcement —“ D ifferential R einforcement of H igh (DRH) and L ow DRL” response rates: need two Rs because the interval or time between them determines whether the second response (which ends the interval between successive responses) will be reinforced or not. In conditioning, the rule is that only a R is reinforced—not time, but if interval
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C&LH 4-2 - Chapter 7 3/29 Schedules of X (X =...

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