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The Federal Bureaucracy – Chapter 14

The Federal Bureaucracy – Chapter 14 -...

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The Federal Bureaucracy – Chapter 14 -Bureaucracy -Complex structure of offices, tasks, rules, that are employed by all large-scale institutions to coordinate the work of their personnel’s -A form/arm of the government that operates through impersonal uniform rules and procedures -President – Departments –Agencies – federal agencies -All organizations that exist under pres make up federal bureaucracy -Bureaucrats -Career government employee -Most people are higher based on merits 2 ways people are higher -Spoil System – Presidents’ power to appoint people the executive branch organizations -Hiring practices based on political favors -Merit based employed- hired on the bases of merit
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Unformatted text preview: -stay throughout administrations all the agencies (sources of power: Congress) Sources of power-congress has given employees writing the federal branch of government Organizations that make up the bureaucracy-The CIA ****the department of defense (secretary)-Cabinets, Independent regulatory commissions, independent agencies, government corporations Controls/Checks-President influences the workings of the bureaucracy through his appointments…he determines who will run all of the departments Controls on the Bureaucracy: 1. President who directs 2. Congress can hold hearings and investigate...
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