program10_1 - } void Person:: operator = (Person...

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#include "iostream.h" #include "string.h" class Person { private: int age; char *name; public: Person(int a, char *s); ~Person( ); void display( ); void assign(int a, char *s); void operator = (Person &other_object); friend void show_older(Person &a, Person &b); }; Person::Person( int a, char *s) { cout << "Creating " << s << "\n"; age = a; name = new char[80]; strcpy (name,s); } Person::~Person() { cout << "Deleting " << name << "\n"; delete name; name = NULL; } void Person::assign( int a, char *s) { age = a; if (name == NULL) strcpy (name,s); } void Person::display() { cout << name << " is " << age << " years old \n";
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Unformatted text preview: } void Person:: operator = (Person &amp;other_object) { age = other_object.age; strcpy(name,; } void show_older(Person &amp;a, Person &amp;b) // I am a friend of Person { // so I can access private data cout &lt;&lt; &quot;The older person is : &quot;; if (a.age &gt; b.age) a.display(); else b.display(); } void main() { Person fred(37 ,&quot;fredy&quot;), bill(42, &quot;billy&quot;); fred.display(); bill.display(); show_older(bill,fred); bill = fred; // Our &quot;=&quot;, not the usual one. bill.display(); bill.assign(56, &quot;new guy&quot;); bill.display(); }...
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program10_1 - } void Person:: operator = (Person...

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