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finalexam(1) - COT 3100 Final Exam Name Lecturer Arup Guha...

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COT 3100 Final Exam 12/5/06 Name: ____________ Lecturer: Arup Guha TA: _______________ Section: ____________ (Note: You will have 2 hours and 50 minutes for this exam. Make sure to read AND follow all the directions. If you need extra room for your work, put it on the last page of the exam and CLEARLY number what problem’s work you are continuing. It's okay to leave any answer in factored form with powers, factorials and combinations. Full credit will only be awarded if all work is shown and justified.)
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1) Answer the following questions about permutations of the letters in the word ABRACADABRA. Explain your answers and put a square around your final answer. Leave answers in terms of factorials, powers, combinations, etc. a) (2 pts) How many total permutations are there? b) (2 pts) How many of these permutations start with A? c) (3 pts) How many of these permutations list the consonants in alphabetical order? 2) (8 pts) A car dealership owner is ordering exactly 100 cars from headquarters. In particular, she is ordering the following cars: Civic, Accord, Element, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline and Fit. She must order at least one of each car, but order no more than 20
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