cisic - Kobe Bryant was still number eight and sporting an...

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Kobe Bryant was still number eight and sporting an afro. Shaquille oneale was in the prime of his career, coming off a mvp season. The lakers had just aquired phil Jackson. It was the Laker’s year. The lakers were my number one concern as I sat on my shag carpet in front of my Phillips 19 inch tube tv. It was one of the biggest games of the regular season, as the streaking lakers faced off against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. With a minute to play in the game and the lakers down by three, Phil calls a timeout. I sit anxiously watching waiting for the sizzler ad to end, when the worst possible thing in the world happens. To my horror, the sizzler ad cuts out, and a middle age caucasion reporter pops up on the screen reporting some nonsense about George Bush and Al Gore. The Lakers ended up coming back and winning in the last minute, and I missed it all. Sadly the earliest political event I can consciously remember is the 2000 presidential elections between what would be president George bush, and Al Gore. I was in fifth grade when I was plagued with GeorgeBush’s controversial win over Al Gore. As a fifth grader the last thing I cared about was who would be the next president, let alone anything closely related to politics. Yet for the “two” months in which the elections took place, I was constantly berated with information and conversation about the elections. At home I recall my parents avidly arguing over their political opinions. With a liberal democratic father, and a conservative republican mother, nightly dinners were besieged with endless arguments over meaningless political ideaology. Even in school, Mrs. Phipher my fifth grade teacher thought that it would be beneficial and fun for the class to go over the general characterisitcs of the elections. The same maps of America covered in red and blue states that ruined television for me came back to haunt
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me in class. And despite my conscious efforts to distance myself from anything political, I kept on getting drawn in. Even my friends began to take interest in the elections, regurgitating what they had heard from their parents the night before on the playground. Just when I thought that the torture was finally over, as President Bush narrowly won the election, things only got worse for me. As the real controversy in the election began with the “scandal” behind the florida recount. The debate over the eventual supereme court decision, deciding that it was unconstitutional to recount the Florida votes past the deadline, once again took over my life at home and school. Although the election and recount passed, and my life went on, the 2000 election was the first time I not only payed attention to politics, but realized people cared about politics. I would not consider my parents to be the most politically active couple,
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cisic - Kobe Bryant was still number eight and sporting an...

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