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Joseph So Ethnomusicology Concert Report Jazz Fusion Ensemble The performance I attended was the Big Band Holiday Concert on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 7pm in Schoenberg Hall. The concert consisted of four performances from the, Jazz Fusion Ensemble, Latin Jazz Ensemble, Contemporary Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Orchestra. The directors were Kenny, Burrell, Dr. Bobby Rodriguez, James Newton, and Charley Harrison respectively. Each of the performances were about half an hour to forty five minutes. The first group that I listened to was the Jazz Fusion band. As their first song they played a piece titled, “Ready, Go”. I found the ensemble itself very interesting because the ensemble incorporated string instruments. The ensemble as a whole had four saxophones, one trumpet, three trombones, two guitarists, one piano player, a bass player, and bass guitar player, drums, two violins, and a cello. In the first song, “Ready, Go”, the piece began with a featured piano portion. The piano was light, and fast, seemingly improvising within the featured portion. After the featured piano portion, the violins were featured on top of the melody, repeating a riff or pattern. Throughout this portion of the piece the environment was enhanced with background lighting, changing from blue to red to green during new segments of the piece. The piece had two violin solos, which were highlighted with horns accenting the off beats, and the guitar adding riffs in the
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background. Additionally the piece had a bass solo, two tenor sax solos, a baritone sax
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jazz - Joseph So Ethnomusicology Concert Report Jazz Fusion...

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