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Stats 10 9/29 Examining Distrubutions of numerical variables What is the typical value? (center) How much variability is there (Spread) What is the shape? Are there unusual features? What to look for in a numerical graph Shape, Center, Spread. Shape – is it symmetric? Skewed? What’s the typical value? Look at the center value – mode How much variability? Does typical tell the whole story? – how spread out are the values on the graph Basic Shapes
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Unformatted text preview: Symmetric and Skewed Left/right skewed Other shape issues Bi modal ( two humps) suggests two diverse groups combined into sample Outlier a point or points separated from the bulk of the data. Calls for investigation. Can suggest existence of another group ( like bimodal) or might be a mistake Put a number on it For symmetric distrubtions the sample mean and sample standard deviation measure center and spread....
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