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stats hw 2 - Joseph So 5 Between the four markets the...

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5. Between the four markets, the average prices seem to be fairly similar, however Baltimore does seem to be more expensive than Denver, dallas and Chicago. Although the box charts do show outliers, when looking at the IQR the box plots make outliers ineffective in changing my conclusion about prices. 19. a – Both Alexandra and Scyrine share the same median, meaning out of the 10 games, the middle game of the 10 games was the same. However the two players differ in that Alexandra has much more variability in her scores of the 10 games, while scyrine consistently scores at least 15 points. B – I personally would take Scyrine who is more consistent in her scoring, however the coach could take a chance on Alexandra who has recorded big scoring games. 28. ****** 29. a – class 3 b – class 3 c – class 3 – has the biggest difference between the mean and median, the median is probably higher because the graph is skewed to the left, so the mean is left of the median. d – class 1 e – class 1 4. a - .95 = iqr range = 3.3 b – because the mean is left or less than the median, I think the distribution is left skewed. c-mean - 96
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stats hw 2 - Joseph So 5 Between the four markets the...

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