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stats hw 4 - b not legit, probablities over 1 c legit d not...

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36. This experiment has too many variables that are not accounted for. There are too many minute factors that can change the speed at which a swimmer can swim for example technique or fatigue. Additionally there is no control within the experiment. 40. first I would randomly pick 20 brewing machines from the factory, with one of them I would not play any Mozart during the brewing of the sake, and with the other 5 I would brew with Mozart. The Response variable would be the quality of the sake,. We would know whether Mozart really effects the brewing by comparing the Mozart sakes to the control sake. 8 . a – I do not think that plane crashes follow the law of averages. Because each air flight is an independent case that does not depend upon whether another plane crashes. B – I would not be scared of flying because the law of averages does not apply to air flights, because each new flight is independent upon the last. 12 – a – legit
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Unformatted text preview: b not legit, probablities over 1 c legit d not legit cant have negative values e legit 16 The multiplication rule would be used for a single subject for example the probability of a baby is a girl and left handed. Additionally within the same family the handedness is dependent, and the logic does not factor in any probability dealing with male or female children. 26 950/2020 = .47 424/2020 + 544/2020 = .49 28 - .04 b 1-.2 = .8 c - .16 d that each case was independent e because the people did not make their decision based on another persons decision. 32 4% 51% 55% b 4% .00002 .975 4)1 no type b. = .99 34 neither, the person can be AB b independent c no once you know that one of a pair of disjoint events has occurred, the other is impossible. 2 a - .18 - .04 = .14 b .23 c - .96 6 - .19 b - .50 c - .06 d - .63 8 . 33 .42 .66 10 -...
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stats hw 4 - b not legit, probablities over 1 c legit d not...

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