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Summary Questions The question being answered is whether the hot hand phenomenon is an actual phenomenon. The data I used was simulation shots, recording hits and misses, and actual shot data from Kobe Bryant’s 2009 Finals performance. In this lab I simulated 135 shots, and recorded the lengths of streaks from the simulation. I then compared the lengths and frequencies of the streaks to Bryant’s actual data from the 2009 finals, to see if the hot hand phenomenon was real. Because my simulation, which was independent of any hot hand factor, had a higher frequency of longer streaks, I found the hot hand phenomenon did not exist. This can help sports analyzer or even coaches in basketball. 1 – The typical streak length is 0, seeing as how Bryant most often had a streak length of 0. The distribution is right skewed, with the majority of streaks centering on 0 and 1. His longest streak of baskets was four in a row. 2 – I would fill in 9 cells with hit rest with miss making the percentage of hits to miss
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