Anth 2 Syllabus

Anth 2 Syllabus - Spring 2009 Professor Olga Njera-Ramrez...

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Spring 2009 Professor Olga Nájera-Ramírez Social Sciences I, Room 406 Phone: 459-4677 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed. 1-3 and by appt. Last updated: 4/5/09 ANTH 2: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Performing Arts Media Theater M110 MWF 9:30-10:40 Teaching Assistants : Andrew Annis, Kim Cameron-Dominguez, Chris Cochran, Anneke Janzen, Celina Kapoor, Christian Palmer, Micha Rahder, Jessica Watson. Course Description : This course introduces students to the discipline of cultural anthropology. No previous knowledge of anthropology is required or assumed. Cultural anthropology is a social science that provides a comprehensive understanding of human diversity. We will begin the course by exploring when and how this discipline emerged to provide students with some foundational information of this vast area of study. This course is not designed as a systematic or chronological overview of the discipline. Instead, we will explore various methods, concepts, and theories that anthropologists have developed and engaged over the past 100 years through a series of lectures, films, reading assignments and exercises. The goal is to explore how culture shapes human lives and how humans continuously create culture. Various ethnographic cases will be examined to encourage students to question their own assumptions about what is “normal” or “natural” in human experience. Course Policies Respect the instructor and your classmates by arriving on time , turning your cell phones off, and avoid engaging in private conversations with others in class. If you are running late or must leave early, please use the rear doors of the classroom to minimize disturbance to the rest of the class. Cheating will not be tolerated in this course. Students found guilty of cheating on any assignment will receive a zero for that work and will be reported to the campus authorities in accordance to the university rules. Assignments will not be accepted after the deadline and no incompletes will be given in class so please plan accordingly. All papers must be submitted in class on the due date. Assignments submitted via email will not be accepted . Students should keep personal copies of all papers submitted. The use of electronic devices including laptops, cell phones and ipods are not permitted in class. Students who have special needs should contact the
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Spring 2009 Disability Resource Center (459-2089). If special circumstances arise for you during the quarter that interferes with your academic performance, please notify the instructor and your TA immediately. I encourage you to consult with me during office hours (Wed. 1-3). A sign up sheet is posted on my door each week so you can sign up for an appointment in advance.
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Anth 2 Syllabus - Spring 2009 Professor Olga Njera-Ramrez...

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