assignment2 - Sarah Johnson November 18, 2010 What is...

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Sarah Johnson November 18, 2010 What is something that is greatly efficient for farms these days? Probably something that would expand the production of crops to harvest, right? Now if you are a farmer that has several acres of land then you know it is severely time-consuming to plow or till all of it. I bring a solution, the John Deere Drawn Planter. The John Deere Drawn Planter helps with planting and seeding. The Planter comes with features such as the Central Commodity System, Central Insecticide System, row units, fertilizer, Seedstar XP Monitoring System, row Commander Row-Control System, frame row tillage non- CCS models, and CCS models. So if you’re the kind of farmer who plants sweet corn, sorghum, soybeans, or sunflowers than the Central Commodity System, also known as CCS, within the drawn planter is beneficial. The Central Insecticide System, also known as CIS, is an effective way to remove rootworm. The CIS is nice and simple for it comes with “closed handling, central fill, direct injection, and industry-leading row-to-row accuracy.” The downer is that the CIS only appears on “select models with Pro-Series row units” but can be ordered if desired. Row units provide accurate spacing for the seed. The performance of row units on the Drawn Planter is “reliable” and “long-lived.” The Fertilizer feature has big, “large-capacity” tanks to put liquid fertile in or there is also
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assignment2 - Sarah Johnson November 18, 2010 What is...

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