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Sarah Johnson ANSI 2112 Jan. 27, 2011 I placed the Yorkshire (mixed) barrows 1-2-3-4. Starting with the Best Looking (carcass) hog compared to the others. 1 is a classic meat animal, which allows it to be scored before 2. Hog 1 has a square top and a wide base. He has a big forearm, and able to see his shoulder blades working. 1 is trimmer muscled than 2. In my middle pair, I preferred 2 over 3, because two has more width and volume than hog three. 2 is a plainer hog and is looser structured. He is more flexible and has more depth through
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Unformatted text preview: his body than hog 3. Hog three is the narrowest out of all the hogs. Its spine sticks up over its shoulders. Also, three’s shoulder is flat along with its ribs. This leads to the last hog which is 4. Four was the least desirable hog. 4 was taller than 3. He was a thick hog, so much that his dew-claws touch the floor. He had a deep, lower ham shape and swayed behind his shoulders....
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