reasons2 - Within my middle pair I placed 3 over 2 3 is big...

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Sarah Johnson ANSI 2112 February 8, 2011 I placed the Breeding gilts 4-3-2-1. Beginning with the biggest, higher performed gilt as compared to the others. 4 has the most growth, more volume, and is flexible. 4 is big footed, and has a wide chest. She has a tremendous underline, where all her teats are evenly spaced. Even though 3 is quite attractive, she has the lowest performance out of the bunch, that is why she was placed second.
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Unformatted text preview: Within my middle pair I placed 3 over 2. 3 is big footed, short, wide, and powerful. She has the second best hip of the group. 3 has a straight vulva, unlike 4 and 2 whom have upturned vulvas. 2 is far better gilt than 1, due to 2 having a more evenly spaced underline than 1. Two is the lightest boned but 1 does not have enough volume to be placed higher than two. 2 is grown well. 1 is tall, flexible, and narrow....
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