reasons3 - steep in his hip For the last two placements I...

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Sarah Johnson ANSI 2112 Feb. 10, 2011 I placed the Yorkshire market hogs 4-1-2-3. In a top pair of more muscular, faster growing barrows, I placed 4 over 1 because 4 is a bolder ribbed, sounder footed, and wider chested. 1 has thicker and more muscular in top but he is tighter in structure. Middle pair differ in their advantages 1 is more muscled, and lean than 2. 1 has a nicer design, and is stronger on his front pastern. 2 is bolder, softer in his flank but he is short, and
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Unformatted text preview: steep in his hip. For the last two placements, I placed 2 over 3 because two is a more muscular body type than hog 3. 2 is wide centered, and blessed with volume. Unlike 3, whom is the leanest, and flattest side hog. 3 lacks the market fundamentals. Although, three is flexible, he shows off his blade structure with a lack of much muscle. 4 and 3 were litter mates. It is interesting how one of them could place first and the other last coming from the same litter....
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