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reasons4 - steer 1,who lacks balance 3 has lots of...

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Sarah Johnson ANSI 2112 March 7, 2011 I placed the steers 4-3-1-2. Starting the class with the most muscular steer that has best balance and correctness of finish compared to the other steers. 4 could have a lower yield grade. Within my top pair I placed 4 over 3; both showed a great deal of balance. 4 is more muscled and has more shape throughout the group. 4 is as wide down his rump as his top. The best looking carcass steer out of the group is 4. 3 is cleaner fronted, but is swollen at his hocks. 3 cocks up his back hooves when he walks and is narrow down his top. The middle pair is 3 over 1. Steer 3 is good proportioned and has balance as compared to
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Unformatted text preview: steer 1,who lacks balance. 3 has lots of expression over his ribs and loin. 3 has a stronger top than 1. 1 is second most muscular behind 4, but is an ugly steer. 1 has a swayed back and a crooked hind leg. In my bottom pair I placed 1 over 2. 1 is wide at his shoulder and has a clean neck. 2 has a healthy pone and nicer hindquarters. He moves straighter than the other steers, and has a nice reach to him as steer 2 walks. He does have bad proportion, and a narrow angled shoulder. This steer needs more capacity within his chest and down his top....
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