FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 16-wk syllabus Fall 2009

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 16-wk syllabus Fall 2009 - FINANCIAL...

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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Fall 2009 (16-week) INSTRUCTOR: GLENNA LUNDAY OFFICE: A - 17 TELEPHONE: (580) 477-7785 Office (580) 482-4538 Home E-MAIL: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION : This course examines the financial accounting function and its role in modern business. Basic accounting theory and principles are examined through transaction analysis, and some of the more important contemporary accounting developments are reviewed. COURSE STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES : The objective of this course is for the student to complete the concepts in accounting with good understanding of business transaction analysis and the ability to read financial statements. Many students find this first course in accounting difficult. Oklahoma's historical experience indicates that only about 70% of the individuals enrolled as of the first week of class successfully complete the course. This is most unfortunate since failure to complete is costly to both the student and the taxpayers who subsidize public education. It is my belief that this rate of failure is not so much related to any inherent default of the course content, but to the self-discipline necessary to master this content. The content is cumulative . That is, if a student fails to learn any piece of the material, this failure will virtually insure failure to learn nearly all subsequent material. Consequently, I have adopted the following course policies: CLASS ATTENDANCE : A student should recognize that regular attendance and participation is essential. Attendance means assuming the responsibility to attend class and is vital for understanding the course topics discussed. This class will meet at each designated time except for the following dates: Labor Day September 7st Fall Break October 12-15th Thanksgiving Break November 25 – 27th Roll is taken at the beginning of each class. Dates of absences are recorded and given to the financial aid's office. Absences from this class have proven to be detrimental to the student's progress, and should be avoided. STUDY : Nature of the course content is such that study before each class meeting is essential. The assignments require problematic solutions. You are required to be prepared to submit solutions in each class meeting. An acceptable solution is one from which I can conclude that you have made a genuine attempt to learn the content assignment. WITHDRAWAL : It is the student's responsibility as a student to withdraw from a class. WOSC has a written withdrawal policy in the college catalogue. If you are considering withdrawing from a class, go to the Admissions and Records office. Last day to withdraw from a class with a "W/Audit" is November 16 th . The Final Exam is scheduled for 10:00 – 12:00, Friday, December 11th. (See the complete finals schedule in the class schedule.) TEXT : 1
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: Needles/Powers/Crosson , 8th edition, ISBN-13: 978-0-618-77717-4. SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS
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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 16-wk syllabus Fall 2009 - FINANCIAL...

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