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Music School Records 2620 Vine Street Los Angeles, CA 90028 323-555-0028 Musicschoolrecords.com September 8, 2008 Ms. Caroline Westbrook Artists’ Workshop Agency 294 Fifth Avenue #2700 New York, NY 10001 Dear Ms. Westbrook: Thank you for the introduction to your client, Ms. Evie Chardan. Our representatives were very impressed with the quality of Ms. Chardan’s music, stage presence, and obvious rapport with the young audience for which she performed. It is certainly our pleasure to invite Ms. Chardan to consider a recording contract with Music School Records . Upon your approval, we will draft a standard contract for your and Ms. Chardan’s attorneys’ review. The contract will be subject to the laws of California and will include language
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Unformatted text preview: outlining the term of the contract, guaranteed minimum payments per year, and obligations of the artist and Music School Records . As part of the standard contract we do require a period of exclusivity regarding the artist’s recording, and this period is subject to negotiation. Please call me soon as possible to confirm your client’s agreement to draft the contract. We are looking forward to working with you again and playing a key role in the development of Ms. Chardan’s career. Sincerely, c21c3d823684e7cb2d4716f270ecd730ff9eef95 John Diamond Vice President, Creative Development c21c3d823684e7cb2d4716f270ecd730ff9eef95...
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