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Unformatted text preview: Learn to Snowboard Lessons for Kids! Click to edit Master subtitle style Enjoy Your Day! • • • • • • Hit the slopes We’ll take care of your kids! Lessons are fun and challenging Trained instructors teach in teams After the lesson, we supervise the bunny slopes Your kids snowboard all afternoon Group Lessons for Beginners umexploration assist in 3 students nd 5 indoor ramp {23EA7358-F71C-44D0-8CA6-E27CFE19F9D9} {43D1DD05-11F0-4F65-97FC-EA187E9EDE69} Age 6-8 {AFB026DC-F800-422E-ACB2-4029D8ABA40A} {FA013E85-8E4F-4969-9BC4-FBA3FD9DA924} Age 9-12 {6BAEEA83-C008-495B-9F00-01AFA689CED6} ty of fun, skill-developing games 5 students Maximum Age 3-5 Private Lessons nt, three 2-hour lessons season pass included {18A5A045-0239-45DF-A676-A922C2E11759} 1-Day Program {1A2D4933-1089-4534-8F71-7580EE12F5D3} {26A7B6C6-7EE1-4AB3-836F-11C21F97E879} 4-Week Program {F03EE8EB-4D1C-4E20-85BA-8063C89F6F32} 3-Day Program {B9DCB7FA-63C1-4C72-A643-4CAF5346AC53} es equipment weekends, each includes two 3-hour lessons Four and 3-hour lesson Meet the Team Leaders {C522A6D1-EFFE-4195-852C-15D5C13580C7} {D0944539-608D-4D0B-A70C-1016D26D145E} {30823B03-657D-42BE-9370-0DCF9442388C} arty Blair Dane Richardson Cara Nielson pecializes in 10-15 year olds Specializes in 6-9 year olds Specializes in 3-5 year olds ...
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