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Unformatted text preview: BASIC TREL L IS Trellises can add visual (and vertical!) i nterest to your garden. Follow these steps to build a simple one: 1. Determine where you will place t he t rellis and what type of p lant it will support. 2. Assess what size t rellis you will need. 3. Purchase redwood, cedar, or p ressure-t reated lumber. For a simple t rellis, use 5/8-inch by 1 1/2-inch pieces for the uprights and crosspieces, 2-by-2s for the side pieces and bottom of the f rame, and a 2-by-6 or 2-by-8 for the top piece. 4. Cut the upright pieces and lay t hem on the f loor in your chosen design. Then cut the crosspieces, space them evenly on the uprights, and add a l it t le waterproof glue. Finally, a ttach the pieces with nails or screws. 5. Cut the top piece to the same w idth as the grid. 6. Cut the side pieces to measure t he length of the grid plus the t op piece. 7. Attach the side pieces to the sides of the top of the frame 5c0b753389a0f96adf57dff71fa269c5c45e51f2 w ith glue and deck screws. countersunk 8. Put the grid into the frame between the side pieces. The back of the grid should sit evenly with the back of the f rame; the front of the frame w ill be a li t tle wider than the g rid. 9. Cut a 2-by-2 piece of lumber the w idth of the grid and slide it i nto place on the bottom of the g rid. Attach with glue and deck screws. 10. Install the t rellis in the desired location and add plants. ROUG H TREL L IS Are you interested in a more rustic t rellis for a count ry setting? You might consider using r ough cedar posts or other rot-resistant wood, as shown in the picture below, submitted to Georgia Gardens by Noah and Annie A rmstrong. They recycled dead cedar t rees f rom a nearby cedar swamp and built a t rellis. A rough t rellis of this type could be used as a g rape arbor, or used to grow morning glories, pole beans, or a combination of f lowers and vegetables. Have a Gardening picture you would like to share? Send it to [email protected] 5c0b753389a0f96adf57dff71fa269c5c45e51f2 ...
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8C_Trellis_Will_Boyd - BASIC TREL L IS Trellises can add...

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