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ExcelProject - Even though they have lowered the food cost...

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To: President From: Subject: Date: November 23 rd , 2008 Hello, I am writing this memo regarding a need for 110 participants to attend my golf tournament. Along with this memo, there will be a spreadsheet as well to explain my needs. I have to have that certain number of participants because in order to meet my goal of a $2000 profit, those 110 participants would make the revenue and total cost calculation just simply perfect. My excel spreadsheet will further explain clearly. At first, I was going to charge $65 for each ticket, but since the Country Club manager was so kind he only made the food cost at $18 per person. That means that I can lower my ticket price down to $49 and still make enough profit for the fundraiser.
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Unformatted text preview: Even though they have lowered the food cost for us, the golf rental price raised. It went from $800 to $975. But not to worry, the spreadsheet has helped me calculate what the final numbers should be. The actual date of the party has been move back a week. After all the changes, the final numbers look like this. If I have 110 participants in the tournament, I will sell each ticket for $49. The expected number of tickets sold is at least 120; which brings into total revenue of $5880 and a total cost of $3635. In the end, I will donate my profit of $2245 to the Sheltered Workshop....
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