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Journal Entry #1 The first day we met there was a bit of miscommunication, which I find extremely ironic since we are in a, communications, class. The problem was obvious. We did not exchange phone numbers right away; only emails. So we set up a time and place to meet at the library through emails. Only we did not specify where at in the library. Carlton got lost during our first meeting. But it was not a great loss. Others stepped up and did more than a phenomenal job at our project. Carlton later joined via emails.
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Unformatted text preview: I thought our group had great chemistry from the beginning. We shared many jokes and other similarities. After we have finished our first project we quickly solved our problem. We exchanged phone numbers. We discussed our presentations as well as what our plan was for the rest of the semester. The meeting was more productive as we finished more work than needed in our meeting....
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