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HDFS 2113 April 29, 2009 Journal #3 Ageism is where there is discrimination such as verbal abuse and/or hate against the elderly. An example of ageism in the media would be how they almost always make the elderly look ugly and useless. In one of the newest T-Mobile commercial featuring Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley, Charles calls Dwayne Wade telling he is featured in one of the newest video games. What Charles does not know is that the video game is called “Old School Ballers.” The commercial is comical but at the same time discriminating to a few legendary NBA elderly. The commercial is discriminating because it isolates the elderly, making them seem old and useless. An example of ageism in my personal experience is probably something we have all experienced more than once: driving behind an elderly. It is frustrating when driving behind the elderly because most of them drive about 7 mph under the speed limit. I am quite sure it is safe
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Unformatted text preview: but it is also annoying to other drivers on the road. It gets extremely irritating when they are in the left lane and that causes road rage for some people. This example negatively affects both older and younger people because of obvious reasons. If there were ways to stop elderly from driving slow on the road then there would not be any hate from the younger towards them. There are many examples of ageism in the society in general. There have been expressions where they would offend elderly. For example: “Don’t be an old fuddy-duddy.” This will not necessarily offend a young person but it could negatively affect by encouraging them to discriminate against elderly. The expression itself definitely has a negative effect on the older people because it is quite offensive....
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