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Assignment #3 The empty-nest syndrome is a condition suffered by the parents or the caregiver when their child or children leave home. This despair/grief usually occur when the child/children leave for college; leaving the parents or caregiver in sadness. A symptom would be if the parent/caregiver goes to the child’s empty to feel closer to him/her. I am not sure if there are any treatments but usually calling the child would help fill the “emptiness”. This affects middle adulthood in an extreme manner if you are a
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Unformatted text preview: caregiver/parent of a child or children. The sandwich generation is the generation where the caregiver is caring for aging parents and child/children at the same time. This affects the middle adulthood because most of the people who are in the sandwich generation are also in their middle adulthood. How does this affect them? It can affect them in various ways depending on the caregiver....
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