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Jogging 2 - Intermediate 10 K Program F= Fartlek(read below...

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Intermediate 10 K Program F= Fartlek (read below) WEEK Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 1 Off 3M F-5M 3M 6M 3M 6M 2 Off 4M F-5M 4M 5M 4M 7M 3 Off 4M F-5-6 hills 4M 6M 3M 8M 4 Off 5M F- 1/4 mile 4 times 4M 6M 3M 9M 5 Off 5M F- 4-5 long hills 4M 6M 3M 3M 6 Off 5M F- ½ mile 5 times 5M 7M 3M 8M 7 Off 5M F- 5-6 long hills 4M 7M 4M 10M 8 Off 5M F- ¼ mile 8 times 4M 7M 4M 6M 9 Off 5M F- ½ mile 7 times 4M 7M 4M 8M 10 Off 5M 5M 5M 6M 4M 8M 11 Off 5M 5M 5M 6M 3M 5M 12 Off 3M 5M 3M OFF 4M Try to race this day. Fartlek > It's true: fartlek is almost as fun to do as it is to say. "Fartlek" is Swedish for "speed play" and consists of bursts of speed in the middle of a training run. Essentially, it's an unstructured interval session, the track without the rules. Fartlek gets your legs used to a variety of paces and in the process gives you an enhanced awareness of your ability to keep up those paces at various distances. After warming up, run at an easy training pace, throwing in bursts of speed for various distances throughout the run. Vary the speed and times of the speed sections, from as short as 15 seconds
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