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Scarlett Hood Phaedrus- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance How do we get Phaedrus out of the maze he has created within his mind? He has engulfed his mind with surrounding philosophical questions. He is unable to accept things as they are without first questioning it. After he concludes and discovers an answer about one philosophical question, he hits another wall with another philosophical question. He brings up the concept of scientific method and different hypothesis’. He also brings up the Church of Reason, which then leads him to the question of Quality. The job of the Church of Reason is the search of absolute truth. He then started looking at the question of Quality. He wanted to know what its definition is. He taught the subject, but he did not know how to define it.
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Unformatted text preview: This drove him into the circling question, “Quality cannot be defined.” In order to escape from this troubling question and define quality, he must define quality in a manner that incorporates all known facts about the subject of Quality. When I define quality, I define it similarly to the dictionary version; superiority or grade of excellence and an essential characteristic. The dictionary has given many different definitions to this word, but none of these apply to the word quality by itself; the definitions are definitions to quality in relation to other objects and the things the quality has an effect on. Phaedrus will not accept...
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