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Visiting Your Professor

Visiting Your Professor - inquire about that particular...

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Scarlett Hood 9/7/11 ENGR 1111 Introduction to Engineering Visiting the professor, to many incoming college freshmen, can be a very stressful and intimidating ordeal, or so they believe. Before I actually took the initiative to go see my professor, I was very nerve-racked and scared. I probably would have never taken it upon myself to go visit my professor despite the recommendations given by higher-level friends. This assignment forced me to face the wall of fear that I had barricaded myself inside and tear it down. I decided to visit my Calculus professor, Mr. Choike, because I felt like his personality that he expresses during class would assist me in feeling more comfortable while on a one-on- one conversation with him. I prepared to go in during his office hours, simply introduce myself, and ask him about the Calculus Readiness Exam that he had us take last week. I planned to
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Unformatted text preview: inquire about that particular subject so that he would understand my concern about my grades and my classes, this one in particular. When I first went into his office, he must have noticed my shaky voice and nervousness because he quickly placed a smile on his once forbidding face. As I went into the conversation the more I eased into the conversation, but I was still very tense. I believe that some of the important things to remember to do when going to visit a professor are to keep a positive attitude and a happy smile. I definitely believe that this assignment helped me ease out of my comfort zone. Although I still need some practice at it, I believe that the more I take the initiative to go see them, the more it will become second nature. The hardest part of anything is taking that first step and this assignment helped push me onto the next stepping-stone....
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