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Time Management - been planning on going to on Friday night...

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Scarlett Hood 9/14/11 Time Management Throughout this assignment of documenting my time for three consecutive days, I have learned many different things. I learned where most of my time goes and how much time I spend doing certain activities. The only thing is that this was a very active weekend for me and it was different from many of my regular weekends. There was a football game on Thursday night so a lot of my time when to that and there was an advance thing for my church that I had
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Unformatted text preview: been planning on going to on Friday night and Saturday morning. I also spent extra amounts of time studying because I had a chemistry studying to do. Doing this exercise has put an emphasis and a focus on where all my time is going and is making me more aware of it. I have learned that it is okay and it is sometimes best if I just say no to some things and that is very hard for me. I hope that the more I focus on my time the easier it will be to fit reasonable things into my time....
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